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The 80s: Satan's Seed Strikes Back [Alternate Title: Zeena LaVey vs. Ignorance]

Documentary featuring interview clips of Zeena's most prominent television appearances [released before her abdication as Church of Satan High Priestess.]

In 1985, when the politically motivated "Satanic Panic" in the U.S. led to false accusations of child and animal sacrifice, ritual sexual abuse and other criminal actions being directed at the Church of Satan, Zeena's father named her as public representative and High Priestess.

In the process of defending the Church of Satan from these unfounded claims in the U.S. mass media, Zeena's media appearances attracted a new upsurge of membership to the formerly moribund organization even as she began to question and ultimately reject the self-centered atheist philosophy she promoted. As she toured the United States on behalf of the Church of Satan, Zeena's crisis of faith reached its highpoint when she learned that most of her father's self-created legend was based on lies and that many of his works were plagiarized. When jealousy and spite motivated Anton LaVey and his administrator Densley-Barton to actually endanger Zeena's life, she could no longer continue to cover up her progenitor's true character in good conscience. This behind the scenes tension should be kept in mind when viewing or hearing Zeena's interviews from that time.

The Black House resource center was an independent sole proprietorship founded by Zeena prior to her leaving the Church of Satan. The Black House resource center was originally the only source which sold these interview compilations or any official Church of Satan products. Zeena closed the Black House upon abdicating from her position as High Priestess of that organization.