Since her first media appearance in 1965, Zeena has been the subject of hundreds of sensational and biased journalistic reports and interviews. Having been raised in a publicity-hungry media circus, she saw from an early age what a sad spectacle the courting of public attention can be. She later received an invaluable if unasked for education in the myth of "objective journalism" during the height of her mainstream public presence in the United States media from 1985-1990 and in the European music press during her 1988-1993 tour of duty with Radio Werewolf. Preferring to allow her work to speak for itself and indifferent to public opinion, Zeena has granted only a very few interviews since 1993 to carefully selected specialty publications. The following examples offer a representative sample of interviews from the various phases of Zeena's spiritual and artistic evolution. The webmasters will add more as time allows. In her capacity as Hemet-neter Tepi Seth of the Sethian Liberation Movement, Zeena only grants interviews to serious scholars of religion and mysticism and/or practicing adherents of a spiritual path. Decades of experience has taught her that spiritual initiation is too complex a topic for standard journalism's limited "sound bite" and lowest common denominator perspective.

Letter from a Temple of Set Council of Nine member regarding the events leading to Zeena's resignation and the founding of the Storm, later the Sethian Liberation Movement, November 8, 2002

Dear Initiates,

There is inevitably a lot of confusion and upset concerning recent
developments. I recently answered a few questions posed by an Adept and I
thought I would share these answers with you all. In this post, I offer
some background to what has occurred, some of which relates to events within
the Council of Nine, on which I sat. This is a summary of the situation as
it happened before my eyes and from my perspective as a Councillor. I hope
it may be helpful to some of you, who may be hurt or confused.

I will stress again, however, that you must each choose your own actions
depending upon your own insights and experiences. I am merely explaining my
own actions here, I neither require nor expect anyone else to follow suit.
I will Work with you happily regardless of whether or not you remain
affiliated with ToS. There is no need for any precipitate decision from any
of you, you have nothing to prove to anyone.

My response to the Adept's request for information follows. She was
specifically concerned that she had heard a rumour that there had been a
plot to remove the High Priestess from office, and asked me to comment upon
it so that she and her fellow Pylon members could understand what was
happening. It is from the perspective of that question that my reply


She wrote:

>It's sad that the Temple of Set is in risk of becoming an instrument for
>the will of people who think more about power and politics than care about
>Initiation itself. I read your resignation letter, and I have heard what
>others had to say about what is going on. I would like nevertheless to ask
>you for more details about what is going on. If the ToS is really sinking
>to such level as to become a corrupted and unethical organization, I will
>myself take my leave as well. I have heard of rumors about some plot to
>remove the High Priestess from her position. Is this true?

Basically, yes, the plot is true. To provide you with some background
information, this whole business started when Priestess Webb started to
distribute her questionnaires to Initiates and proposed the new system of
reports. Lilith Aquino became frantic that Setians and Adepts might be able
to use these to criticise members of the Priesthood (if the Priesthood can't
take criticism, they have no right to be Priests, in my opinion). She and
Dr Aquino demanded that Rosemary stop, even though the entire Priesthood at
Helsinki (*including* Lilith) had fully supported this project.

Rosemary refused to stop, as reforming the Temple and especially empowering
the First and Second Degrees was very important to her.

The Aquinos then wanted to try to expel Rosemary from the Temple, but only
the High Priestess can ask the Council to expel a member of the Priesthood.
Zeena refused to do so, supporting Rosemary fully.

Then Lilith called the Council to revoke Zeena's High Priesthood. She
claimed that Zeena was trying to become a tyrant, when she was actually
trying to place more power in the hands of the First and Second Degrees and
prevent the abuses of power which have happened in the past.

There were three things which Zeena was accused of saying in her speech at
the Helsinki Conclave:
1) She was accused of scorning the Degree system.
2) She was accused of dismissing the _Crystal Tablet_ as worthless.
3) She was accused of ignoring Temple protocol and problem solving methods.

You were there as I was and heard her speech for yourself. None of the
above things are true. I supported Zeena and told the other Councillors
that this was a lie. As I recall it (and you can check this with your own
memory of her talk):
1) Zeena said that she herself did not want to be Fifth Degree. She did
not say that nobody else should be, and she did not ridicule the Degree
2) I personally don't remember anything unusual being said about the
_Crystal Tablet_ at all.
3) As you will remember, there were actually two meetings at this Conclave
which specifically dealt with problem solving. One was by Nikolas in the
War Element meeting, the other was by Priest Thunberg. Both of these
championed diplomacy and protocol in regard to solving problems.

When it became apparent that Zeena was going to be kicked out despite the
truth, she decided to leave. Even if she won the vote, there would be such
an atmosphere of hostility that nothing could be done.

Therefore, Aaron Besson, Nikolas, Zeena and myself all resigned this morning
so that we can continue the type of Work which made Helsinki such a
marvelous Conclave.

>Frankly, since after the Conclave, things have been difficult for me, when
>on one hand I have been feeling full of inspiration and more alive than
>ever, eager to become more active and pursue my Initiation. And on the
>other hand, watching how Zeena could not write a single email message to
>the ToS list without being corrected by the Aquinos. What kind of religion
>is this where the High Priestess is constantly criticized and corrected in
>a public forum, and what kind of message does this give to the first
>degrees? Do the Aquinos realize the damage to the Temple's credibility
>their last messages have caused?

I think they are arrogant enough that they don't see the damage they have
caused. Unfortunately, Lilith hates change and Dr. Aquino cannot let it go
and relinquish control.

What we will be doing is setting up a school in which sincere Initiates can
all interact as equals, carrying on the Work we have been doing without any
rules and regulations other than simple respect for each other.

What I want to stress to you is that we are happy to welcome people whether
or not they choose to resign from the Temple. In other words, if you plan
to resign from the Temple, you should only do so for your own reasons, not
because we have. We would be very pleased to continue Working with you
regardless, and I hope we will do so.

Very soon now, the misinformation and cover up will begin, and I fear the
Helsinki Conclave may be held to blame for much. The most important message
I want to tell everyone who was there is this: YES, this Conclave was just
as wonderful as you remember it being, and don't let anyone convince you

>I admire your dignity and integrity for resigning, following your

Thank you. As a Councillor I had no choice. I could not sit there and let
this plot be carried out in the name of a Council on which I sat.

Thank you for taking the trouble to write, and I hope you do stay in touch.
If you are interested, I will make sure that you are kept informed as our
new initiatory school takes shape in the next few days.

In the Name of Set,